Preparatory School 



Uniform –From Grade 1 to Grade 6

Girls: (i) Green and white ¼ inch gingham tunic (ii) White blouse with collar and sleeves (iii) White socks and black school shoes; no low cut ankle   socks allowed) (iv) Shorts or knickers of the tunic material or black or brown material should be worn under the tunic everyday  (v) Girls may wear green, white or black ribbons or bubbles. (No other colours are allowed) (vi) Beads and Extensions are not allowed.  N.B: Hair must be naturally coloured.

Boys: (i) Khaki pants (must be fitted at the waist) and khaki shirts should have school crest . A black belt is to be worn.

(ii) Plain black school shoes and black socks are to be worn.


We will be introducing the school crest for All K3 to Grade 6 students.  We will no longer use epaulets on the boys khaki uniforms. The crest will be available at our Business Office.