1. Attendance - Regular school attendance is vital to the students’ success. We are building

the habits of a lifetime and successful people are punctual and present every day.

The following are some guidelines, which may assist you:

a. School hours are 7:45am to 2:50 pm each day for grades 1 to 6.

b. Students are expected to be seated at their desks by 7:45 a.m.

c. Students must be punctual for classes as they will be put at a disadvantage if they are late.

d. All students not engaged in a supervised activity or who do not have special permission MUST LEAVE the school compound by 3:15pm.

e. Students are not allowed to leave the school campus without permission once they enter.

Students who have compelling reasons to be off campus must submit a letter from parents or guardians to the PRINCIPAL or SUPERVISOR.

(g) If a student is absent, a parent/guardian must inform the school between

7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

2. Tardiness - The parent/guardian of any student who has been tardy three times in any one month period will be contacted by letter. If the student persists to be tardy, the parents/guardians will be called in to speak with the Principal. If tardiness continues, the matter will be brought to the Disciplinary Committee.

It is not advisable for students to bring large sums of money or valuables to school. We do not accept responsibility for money or valuables lost or stolen from part of the school.

3. Lunch / Playfield - Lunch period is usually fifty minutes in duration. Students are supervised during this period. Hot and cold lunches are available in the canteen, or students may bring their own lunch.

4. Dress Code - The school's dress code indicated below should be observed on all appropriate occasions unless otherwise informed.

Uniform –From Grade 1 to Grade 6

Girls: (i) Green and white ¼ inch gingham tunic (ii) White blouse with collar and sleeves (iii) White socks and black school shoes; no low cut ankle socks allowed) (iv) Shorts or knickers of the tunic material or black or brown material should be worn under the tunic everyday (v) Girls may wear green, white or black ribbons or bubbles. (No other colours are allowed) (vi) Beads and Extensions are not allowed. N.B: Hair must be naturally coloured.

Boys: (i) Khaki pants (must be fitted at the waist) and khaki shirts should have epaulettes. A black belt is to be worn.

(ii) Plain black school shoes and black socks are to be worn.