Belair School Philosophy 



Belair School exists to provide an education for students Early Childhood and Elementary School level.  It exists to enhance the development of each student’s academic and physical abilities.  It seeks to equip its students with a value system that allows for the growth of self-assurance, national pride and a purpose in living.

Belair believes in providing a sound, liberal education.  Its program is based on basic, generally accepted principles of learning and emphasizes the development of the ability to observe, analyze and evaluate material.  It also emphasizes the need to speak and write clearly.

Belair believes it is important to expose students to various sources of knowledge and to foster in them a respect for and tolerance of views held by others. Belair attempts to awaken in students a sense of curiosity and provide an atmosphere in which learning can effectively take place.  At Belair, a student’s role is one of active participation.  Independent work habits and self-discipline are important goals for they are seen as the basis for success in continuing education. 

Belair’s philosophy incorporates a concern for the social and emotional growth of its students with a desire to prepare them for the responsibilities of citizenship.  It is also concerned with developing within students the skills needed to form meaningful relationships with others.  As a result, Belair does all it can to create opportunities for the organization of social and interest groups outside of its regular academic program.

Belair encourages the participation of the student body in community affairs.  Activities, which stress charity, friendly competition and co-operation, are valued in order to foster a sense of identity with the community at large and also develop a sense of patriotism.  Students are made aware of the fact that the world has many cultures each with its own distinctive qualities, which can be appreciated by all.  They are encouraged, however, to value the many beautiful things that are Jamaican inter alia the physical beauty of the island and the spiritual significance of its folklore.