Covid 19 Policies

Belair Early Childhood and Preparatory School

Quarantine Protocol for COVID 19

Due to how highly contagious COVID 19 is the following step should be taken to help safeguard the school population in the event that a student or staff member is suspected of having COVID 19.

Steps to be taken if a student or staff member is suspected of having COVID 19

  1. Student / staff is not feeling well and is exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID 19 such as fever, dry cough, fatigue and shortness of breath.

  2. Student is carried to the nurse’s office by the teacher if child is not wearing a mask, hand towel can be given to cover nose and mouth on route to the nurse’s office.

  3. Staff member should inform the nearest staff that he/she is not well then make their way or get help to go to the nurse’s office.

  4. Inform the nurse immediately on entering the office so additional PPE can be put on if needed.

  5. At the nurse’s office student / staff is assessed temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure. Also, the person that accompanied them should immediately sanitize at the hand washing station, on returning to the classroom everyone and the classroom should be sanitized.

  6. If the student / staff is not wearing a mask, one is given, if they are wearing a cloth mask a surgical mask is given

  7. A history is taken from the student / staff to rule out other possible causes of symptoms.

  8. Administration is notified about possible COVID case.

  9. Student / staff is taken to the isolation room where they are made comfortable.

  10. The nurse will stay with the student / staff in the isolation room to monitor their condition or if they are stable another designated person may stay and call the nurse if needed.

  11. Administration will contact the student’s guardian and inform them of the situation and arrange for the child to be picked up as soon as possible and see a doctor.

  12. Staff member contact someone who can come and pick them up to see a doctor.

  13. If the student / staff is not stable such as severe shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, very high fever or seem to be deteriorating. They will need to be transported to the nearest hospital accompanied by the nurse.

  14. Administration will also inform the Health department about the possible case.

  15. Once the student / staff is moved to the isolation room thorough disinfection of all the areas he/she occupied must be done.

  16. Once the student / staff has left the isolation room a thorough cleaning is done.

Student / staff can not return to school until fully better and has a letter from their medical doctor stating that he/she is fit to return to school.

Documentation of who the student / staff was in contact with throughout the day should be done in the event that they are positive.

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