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The Curriculum

The High School offers a challenging academic programme featuring four core subject areas: English, Mathematics, The Sciences - Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Human & Social Biology - and Information Technology, in addition to Foreign Languages, Literature, Geography and History and Business subjects. Based on the Rose Program but enhanced by additional materials and topics, students are prepared for C.S.E.C. and C.A.P.E. and the U.S. based S.A.T. examinations.

From Grade 7 - 9, the curriculum is based on the R.O.S.E. programme (Reform of Secondary School Education) but enhanced by supplementary materials and topics. Outlined are the courses offered at this level -Mathematics, Language Arts, Information Technology, French, Spanish, Social Studies, Music, Visual Arts and General Science. Students are helped to develop their analytical and research skills through projects and hands-on activities.

The Grade 10 - Sixth Form programme is based on the C.S.E.C. and C.A.P.E. requirements. These orient students towards sitting the above-mentioned external exams but also prepare them to specialize in whatever academic course they wish to pursue at the tertiary level. Thus, students are involved in school-based assessments (S.B A.'s) activities in some C.S.E.C. subjects and in all subjects offered at the C.A.P.E. level.

The mandatory subjects throughout the High School are: Mathematics, English Language, and Information Technology. At the 6th form level the following course offerings are available: Economics, Mathematics, Literatures in English, Communication Studies, Art & Design, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Law, Sociology, Information Technology, Geography and Caribbean Studies. Communication Studies and Caribbean Studies are mandatory in Lower 6th and Upper 6th respectively.

At Grade 11, all students are required to prepare for and sit a  minimum of six (6) subjects at C.X.C. (the four (4) compulsory ones and any other two (2), one of which nnr* be a science.)

This curriculum provides the scope to develop the individuality of each student and to hone his/her creative skills.

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