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Academic Regulations (High School)

There is a period of orientation for all Grade Seven students, in August before the school term commences.

Proficiency tests will be administered for all new students at all Grade levels in Math and English.

There is a mandatory Community Outreach Service for Grade Ten and/ or Grade Eleven students, in which students will make contributions through voluntary service in the community, without remuneration, for a minimum of 30 hours.

It is mandatory for all students to participate in a minimum of one extra curricular activity during each school year.

The School reserves the right to require a student to repeat specifi course(s) based on weak academic performance A minimum of six subjects and a maximum of eight subjects may be taken at the C.S.E.C level.

In Grade 10 and Grade 11, Mathematics, English Language, English  Literature and Information Technology are compulsory.

Preparation for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (S.A.T) is offered to students in Grade Eleven and Sixth Form. In order to write for specific subjects C.S.E.C, students will be required to obtain recommendations from teachers in corresponding subjects areas, including mandatory C.S.E.C. subjects.

Accumulation of final marks for courses towards graduation will begin in Grade Seven and continue through to the Mock Exam in Grade Eleven. Final marks from Grade Seven to Eleven will be included in academic transcripts.

To qualify for the Sixth Form Program all Applicants should possess five (5) CXC subjects at either Grade 1, 2, or 3.

Academic Regulations

Students interested in pursuing the sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics www.dreampanerai.com ) should obtain a Grade 1 or 2 pass in these subjects.

The following is a list of subjects offered at Belair's Sixth Form:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Literatures in English
  3. Law
  4. Sociology
  5. Computer Science
  6. Chemistry
  7. Physics
  8. Biology
  9. Economics
  10. French
  11. Spanish
  12. Food & Nutrition
  13. Management of Business
  14. Caribbean Studies
  15. Communication Studies
  16. Art & Design
  17. History
  18. Geography

11. In the year of graduation, students must pass the compulsory subjects (Math, English Language, Information Technology) in the Mock Examinations.

12. Grading System in the High School. replica watches

A 90-100
A- 80 - 89
B 70-79
C 60-69
D 50-59
F 0-49

The Graduation Certificates correspond to the grading scheme outlined below:

High Honours 90- 100
Honours 80-89
Credit 60-79
Pass 50-59
School Leavers 49 - below




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