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High School

The High School offers a challenging academic programme based on the government’s R.O.S.E. curriculum but enriched by the eclectic approach of each teacher. The course offering features five core subject areas: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Science and Information Technology, in addition to French, Spanish,

Social Studies, Geography, History, Technical Drawing, Economics, Accounts, Food and Nutrition, Library Studies, Guidance/Values Education, Physical Education, Music and Dance and Drama.

The school offers a wide curriculum from Grades 7 -9. In Grades 10-13, there is a focus on achieving important, externally recognized standards. Students in these grades are prepared for the C.S.E.C., C.A.P.E. and the U.S. based S.A.T. examinations, enabling them to matriculate into tertiary Tag Heuer Replica institutions, both locally and internationally.

Our gifted and talented students are constantly  encouraged to excel through enrichment activities provided by subject teachers  at each grade level. All students are enabled to reach their full potential through the excellent class delivery and creativity of all teachers.




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